ICISNA24 : About
26 Apr ~ 28 Apr

International Conference on Intelligent Systems and New Applications (ICISNA) 

We, as ICISNA and Collaborating Universities, have been organizing International Conference on Intelligent Systems and New Applications (ICISNA'24). ICISNA conferences have taken attractions of colleagues all around the world and resulted in an efficient and effective scientific exchange platform for scientists. The ambience that we create at ICISNA conferences allows the scientist to meet new scientists, discuss subjects about their expertise, exchange their ideas, start new cooperations for projects and have a sustainable scientific network. By collecting 100s of scientists from all around the world, we let the scientist have new cooperation facilities regarding R&D projects, capacity development projects, and innovative technological and scientific developments. Apart from contributions to science and technology, we care about cultural and social interactions between scientists. To do so, we organize social and cultural events during the conferences.

Our vision also includes the extension of our network of Collaborating Universities and Institutions to reach many more scientists all around the world. Thus, every year we try to organize our conferences in different countries. Last but not least, we are aiming to make use of millions of Academics to reach the papers that have innovative and original approaches published by journals. Not only submission and publishment of papers but also access to these journals are free of charge. These journals are indexed in many fields. As time passes, we will inform you about our new activities and events from this section. Thanks for your cooperation, interests, support, contributions and good intentions.

If you would like to cooperate with us as Collaborating Universities and Institutions, please get in contact with us by icisnaconference@gmail.com.

ICISNA Organizing Committee